Strategic Alliances

Saul Ewing Arnstein & Lehr LLP realizes that there is strength in numbers and mutually beneficial partnerships. Over the years, we have formed strategic alliances with organizations and companies so we can offer clients access to resources above and beyond legal counsel.

Lobbying Alliances
As part of an ongoing commitment to go above and beyond for our clients, we have formed strategic alliances with State Street Advisors and Harris Jones & Malone, LLC, two preeminent lobbying firms located in Pennsylvania and Maryland, respectively. Both firms provide legislative services that help us stay on top of key legislation impacting our clients' businesses. They also assist us in navigating the increasingly complex world of regulatory policy by facilitating open communication with the state agencies responsible for regulations and helping build support for de-regulation, when appropriate.

International Legal Partnership
We are proud to be a founding member of The Interlex Group®, an association of leading law firms in cities around the world that work together to provide a complete range of international legal and business services to clients. Interlex firms pride themselves on the quality and promptness of their services. Since its founding in 1973, Interlex has pursued a steady but deliberate growth, inviting as new members only those firms whose capabilities can best serve the broad and varied needs of today's international clients.