Ronald P. Colicchio

Ron Colicchio focuses his practice on estate and trust litigation and in the drafting of estate and business succession plans.  With more than 20 years of experience in estate and trust law, Ron represents individuals and corporate fiduciaries, executors, trustees, beneficiaries, intestate heirs, spouses and guardians in matters involving will contests, accounting issues involving executors and trustees, guardianship and elder care issues, and other complex legal issues related to estates and trusts.

In addition to his litigation practice, Ron assists clients in creating and updating their estate and business succession plans. This includes drafting wills, trust agreements, special needs trusts, family limited partnerships, private foundation documents, shareholder and buy/sell agreements, employment and private annuity agreements, and federal and state tax filings.  He also assists clients in probating wills and administering estates in New Jersey, New York and Florida.

Will Contests

Ron handles will contests throughout New Jersey and New York, including those involving allegations of fraud and undue influence related to changes in beneficiaries.

Select representations include:

  • Litigated a matter in the New Jersey Supreme Court involving the admission of an unsigned copy of a will to probate.
  • Brought a successful will contest in the Superior Court of New Jersey, Monmouth County, seeking to set aside a new will changed in favor of a client’s sister. 
  • Successfully settled a matter brought in the Queens County Surrogate’s Court seeking to set aside a will and revocable trust agreements which removed a client as a beneficiary of her mother’s rather sizeable estate as the product of undue influence, after taking only a few depositions.
  • Successfully concluded a jury trial in the King’s County Surrogate’s Court in favor of decedent’s longtime friend and neighbor who was named as beneficiary of his estate in lieu of distant relatives who had alleged that the will was the product of fraud and undue influence.
  • Achieved a quick settlement in a will contest filed in the New Jersey Superior Court, Chancery Division, Probate Part brought against a second husband of the decedent.
  • Negotiated a meaningful settlement on behalf of decedent’s children after filing an action based on undue influence in the Superior Court of New Jersey, Somerset County, involving various transfers of real estate interests prior to decedent’s death.

Accounting and other Actions Involving Executors and Trustees

Ron represents both executors and trustees in legal disputes involving the accounting of money, property and other assets in estates and trusts. He also handles related matters, such as disputes on the distribution of assets and misappropriation of monies from estates and trusts.

Select representations include:

  • Successfully defended an executor in a hotly contested accounting action in the New Jersey Superior Court after many months of discovery and a full hearing.
  • After a full hearing in the Superior Court of New Jersey, Middlesex County, achieved a verdict in a matter surcharging the substitute administrator of the estate for failure to properly distribute assets of the estate to decedent’s son.
  • Achieved a quick settlement in a hotly contested accounting action filed in the Superior Court of New Jersey, Ocean County, after many months of unsuccessful litigation by prior counsel.
  • Successfully defended an executor in an action in the Superior Court of New Jersey, Bergen County, filed by his brothers alleging fraud and misappropriation of monies regarding their mother’s estate.
  • Negotiated a settlement on behalf of decedent’s spouse against co-trustees of a trust which was set up for her benefit, after alleging breach of fiduciary duty and failure to properly distribute assets.

Other Estate and Trust Litigation

Ron also handles matters involving contested inter vivos transfers, changes of beneficiaries on accounts, actions for breach of fiduciary duty, contested guardianships, power of attorney actions, forgeries, and other estate and trust related litigation.

Select representations include:

  • Successfully petitioned to have niece appointed as guardian in the Superior Court of New Jersey, Middlesex County, after the death of the prior guardian.
  • Obtained a judgment in the Superior Court of New Jersey involving the alleged forgery of a deed prior to the decedent’s death.
  • Negotiated a settlement between beneficiaries of an estate pending in the Superior Court of New Jersey, Hudson County after alleging undue influence and fraud against a party  who was instrumental in procuring a new will.
  • Successfully probated a hand written codicil of the decedent after filing an action in the Superior Court of New Jersey.
  • Was instrumental in achieving a resolution of trust litigation in the New York County Surrogate’s Court.