Good Advice and Good Food from DiBruno Brothers

Robert H. Louis
Published March 24, 2017

If you live in the Philadelphia area, you know DiBruno Brothers, "the House of Cheese", where you can buy not only great cheese but everything else you can imagine in an Italian grocery and delicatessen. St. Joe's Haub School of Business, through the increasingly active Initiative for Family Business and Entrepreneurship, presented another excellent discussion of family business, the joys and challenges, last night (March 23), featuring three members of the DiBruno "family": grandsons Emilio Mignucci and Bill Mignucci, Jr., plus Hunter Fike, not a member of the family, but a member of the "family". They presented a lively story of how they went from 12 employees to 350, with 5 locations and several related businesses. In the course of the discussion, I took these notes about points they made: they haven't diluted the feeling of family, despite their growth. They encourage an atmosphere of open dialogue. They choose people over profits (although they need both). Their bottom line: stay true to your core values. Very good lessons, and coupled with a catered reception of food from...where else? I had to mention, in comments I made last night, the artisan bacon dipped in cheese fondue. Many thanks to Director Mary Nicoletti, plus Dean Joe and Associate Dean Vana, for a fun and educational evening.

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