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The Love/Hate Relationship with the Affordable Care Act (a/k/a “Obamacare”)

Posted: March 10, 2017

Apparently rhetoric matters. Although the former President eventually embraced the term himself, “Obamacare” was originally a derogatory term used for health care reform by Obama’s opponents in Congress. Anecdotal evidence suggests that many individuals didn’t know that the Affordable Care Act and “Obamacare” were the one and the same. Now that “Obamacare” may be repealed and replaced, many who demonized it realize that the law is more than just health insurance marketplaces. 
Under the ACA mandated benefit provisions, group health plans provide first-dollar preventive care benefits, no longer contain annual or lifetime benefit limits, prohibit the imposition of pre-existing condition exclusions, and allow adult children to stay on their parents’ health care plans until age 26. The ACA also expanded Medicaid – at least in states that elected to use federal funds to do so.  

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