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Federal and state oversight is the major legal challenge to developing pipelines and other infrastructure for the transmission and distribution of natural gas. Regulations are growing ever more complicated and regulators must give weight to public objections in their evaluation. At the same time, the discovery of the natural gas supply in the Marcellus and other shales in the Northeastern United States is creating new opportunities in the market. Electric, port and terminal businesses also face similar federal oversight and scrutiny.

The development of an infrastructure to move energy to market is a component of Saul Ewing’s energy experience. We have a track record of dealing with the environmental, public policy and public opinion issues which inevitably arise as these projects move forward. Our attorneys have represented clients in infrastructure development, from drill rigs and pipelines to electric transmission and port and terminal facilities.

Our clients include:

  • Natural gas pipeline companies
  • Gas distributors
  • Electric distribution developers
  • Terminal and port operator


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