Water and Wastewater Utilities

water treatment facility

As providers of essential public services, all types of utility companies – including water and wastewater utilities – are regulated by various levels of government.  But the level of regulatory oversight of water and wastewater utilities remains the most extensive since water is the only kind of utility that provides services that are consumed.  Complying with environmental, engineering, financial, and operational requirements are not only expensive and time consuming, but regulators and companies often have different priorities while having common interests.  Water and wastewater services are essential to our modern quality of life.

Saul Ewing attorneys assist utility companies – including three of the four largest water companies in New Jersey – with their regulatory,  operational and financial challenges often driven by investments at the intersection of private business and government regulation. We advocate for utilities when they seek approval for rate increases, tariff charges and other matters to support their ability to provide potable drinking water and effective wastewater services at appropriate rates. We not only represent them in appearance before state public utility commissions and appellate courts on these matters but also provide counsel on other regulatory issues.  We also help them navigate their way through regulatory matters including business transactions and changes in corporate structure, such as mergers and acquisitions, as well as changes in franchises. 

Our clients include:

  • Independent utility companies
  • Multistate utility companies
  • Members of families of companies that are international in scope


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