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The Associates Committee

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The Firm’s open door policy encourages associates to approach partners and the Firm's Executive Committee with questions, concerns and ideas about associate life and the Firm as a whole. Each office and department has at least one associate representative who is a member of the Firm’s Associates Committee. The Chair of the Committee is a liaison to the Firm’s Career Development Committee. The Associates Committee discusses associate concerns and ideas, and is another avenue for communication with Firm leadership. The Associates Committee also organizes firm-wide associate social events, giving our associates the chance to strengthen their relationships.

The Career Development Committee

Saul Ewing Arnstein & Lehr has a comprehensive strategy for long-term career development.

Associate training and development is taken seriously at Saul Ewing Arnstein & Lehr. The Firm understands the value in cultivating its associates’ careers – they are the future of the Firm. In addition to the Firm’s full time Director of Career Development, each office has at least one partner, special counsel or associate who is a member of the Career Development Committee (CDC) The CDC is charged with providing associates with the resources necessary to take ownership of their careers and to maximize their opportunities for professional growth and success at Saul Ewing. To that end, the CDC provides office-level roundtable sessions and Firm-wide training on substantive and career topics relevant to our associates, and supports educational initiatives sponsored by other areas of the Firm. The CDC encourages communication between attorneys at every level, fostering an environment in which our associates have ample opportunity to grow and succeed. The CDC’s door is always open to those willing to share their thoughts and ideas for career development.

Our comprehensive strategy for long-term career development includes:

Associate Expectations

Career development at Saul Ewing Arnstein & Lehr is guided by expectations that track the criteria upon which associates are evaluated. These expectations are part of the Firm’s Moving Ahead Program (M.A.P.) and are designed to provide associates with a map to guide them in planning their career path.

Associate Career Development Plans and Self-Assessments

Saul Ewing’s integrated Career Development and Evaluation programming provides our associates with clear and meaningful feedback and guidance throughout the year. The integration has created a unified structure to help our attorneys "Move Ahead." As part of this unified structure, our associates prepare an annual Career Development Plan with both short and long term goals. Those goals are specifically tailored to address expectations and recommendations communicated in the associates’ evaluations, as well as their long term career goals.


Saul Ewing’s mentoring program plays an important role in cultivating, developing and retaining our associates to serve as the next generation of successful attorneys and Firm leaders. Every associate is paired with a Partner Mentor who provides direction and encouragement in career and business development, including meeting with the paired associate quarterly to discuss the associate’s progress towards achieving the goals set forth in his or her individual Career Development Plan. More junior associates are also paired with a Special Counsel/Associate Mentor to help facilitate the transition to Firm life at Saul Ewing, covering everything from “how do I approach a partner for work” to “what do people do at lunch?” Our mentors volunteer to serve in that role and are committed to playing an important part in career development. They draw on their own interpersonal skills including attentive listening, communication, counseling, coaching, goal-setting, and advocacy, while being sympathetic, proactive, persistent and committed to associates’ goals

Training and Development

Beyond training provided by the Firm, Saul Ewing Arnstein & Lehr continues to support substantive education for all attorneys, associates, special counsel and partners alike, through a Privileged Membership with the Practicing Law Institute (PLI) and a subscription with WestLegalEdCenter. PLI is one of the largest producer of CLE programs in the country and is known for its cutting-edge legal training. WestLegalEdCenter is a web based CLE and professional development service from Thomson Reuters, the company that provides Westlaw. The training and development opportunities at Saul Ewing Arnstein & Lehr are designed to enable our attorneys to be proactive and take charge of their careers.

Flex Time Policy

Saul Ewing Arnstein & Lehr recognizes that its attorneys have lives outside of the law Firm. To support these outside responsibilities and interests, the Firm offers its attorneys a progressive Flexible Working Arrangement policy, which enables attorneys to work flexible hours while still remaining committed professionals. The policy is designed to take the secrecy out of flexibility by providing clear and informative guidance on matters such as eligibility, duration, billable and non-billable hours commitments, compensation, advancement, and expectations of supervising attorneys and participants. The policy enables attorneys to work part-time, telecommute or otherwise work from outside the office on a regular basis provided the attorney can demonstrate an ability to respond to clients and other attorneys during out-of-office hours. By working to create flexible working arrangements that best meet the needs of the individual attorney, the Firm and our clients, Saul Ewing Arnstein & Lehr is dedicated to helping its attorneys develop and achieve a healthy work/life balance.

Please address all general inquiries regarding Associate Career Development to:

Sheri M. Zachary
Director of Career Development


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