The Best of Both Worlds

What attracts lateral partners and groups to Saul Ewing Arnstein & Lehr is the firm’s ability to offer clients the best of both worlds: the national reach and experience of a large firm and the local connections and value of a small boutique. Working at Saul Ewing offers laterals the best of both worlds too – a solid marketing, technical and administration platform to help grow your practice, with lower billing rates, autonomy and collegiality to let you keep the type of clients you want to serve.

Saul Ewing prides itself on selecting attorneys who fit together and are willing to work with one another. We embrace the core values that guide our everyday professional lives: excellence, teamwork, giving back to our community, diversity and integrity. It is central to our culture that we consider ourselves to be one firm, not a collection of diverse geographic locations. Our attorneys employ a unique cross-practice and collaborative approach in client engagements, often working seamlessly from several of the Firm’s offices as one team. Saul Ewing’s client services team approach ensures that the experience and talents of our attorneys are aligned with the needs of our clients.

When it comes to welcoming lateral partners, Saul Ewing seeks extraordinary attorneys whose practices complement the firm’s existing practices, as well as attorneys who can bring more capabilities to Saul Ewing and its clients. Additionally, we consider and value an attorney’s public service record, whether it is serving on a nonprofit board, as an elected official on the local, state or national level or an active role in legal professional associations. Most important, we understand that an attorney’s practice and clients are dear to him/her. We feel the same way about our capabilities and clients.

Why bring your practice to Saul Ewing? We asked a number of our recent lateral partners what led them here. Four themes emerged:

  • Complementary Practices
  • Desirable Hourly Billing Rates
  • Excellence in Lawyering
  • East Coast Footprint

Complementary Practices

Partners with established practices have selected Saul Ewing because the firm’s existing legal practices fit with their own. They also cite the firm’s support for growing legal practices beyond one office and staff resources allocated to support practice areas.

Desirable Hourly Billing Rates

Partners from national and international law firms, as well as those at smaller firms, are attracted to Saul Ewing for its billing rates. Lawyers from Big Law firms are interested in responding to their clients’ desire for lower billable hour rates, while partners at smaller firms seek a law firm that has greater resources but at the same time maintains attorney rates their clients are accustomed to paying. Recent lateral partners have been impressed with Saul Ewing’s flexibility in billing rates and its openness to alternative fee arrangements, saying they know that between the firm’s attorneys’ experience, geographic reach and billing rates, they can sell Saul Ewing to their clients.

Excellence in Lawyering

In many ways, law firms are more similar than different. Most have like partnership agreements, offer comparable associate salaries and do similar legal work. It is the lawyers who make a law firm different. Lawyers matter. With a uniformly high level of legal talent, lateral partners choose to join Saul Ewing Arnstein & Lehr for the opportunity to practice with excellent attorneys, knowing they can pick up the phone and get their questions answered.

East Coast Footprint

Saul Ewing Arnstein & Lehr’s East Coast dominance is a breath of fresh air for many lateral partners who cite the firm’s "Amtrak corridor" geography as a welcome change from national and international firms that focus their resources on large metropolitan offices or smaller firms that do most of their work in one state.

With 17 offices in Delaware, the District of Columbia, Florida, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania, several of which are in suburban areas, Saul Ewing Arnstein & Lehr has been the choice for many lateral partners who want to handle sophisticated legal work but may be tired of the big city commute, exorbitant billable hour rates and inflexible work-life culture.

For more information contact:

Naomi A. Mukalian
Director of Attorney Recruiting