Achieving your Business Development Goals

Achieving your Business Development Goals
October 20, 2010

Fifty-four female attorneys, representing all firm offices and practices, attended a training and networking event in the Philadelphia office on October 20, 2010.

The topic, "Achieving your Business Development Goals," is one that is important to everyone, from first-year associates to long-time partners. Organized as two separate panel discussions moderated by Partners M. Paige Berry and Teresa K.D. Currier, attendees learned what the firm's veteran attorneys found to be their most effective business development activities, what advice they wish they had received earlier in their careers and how they overcame challenges and obstacles.

Immediately putting some of the newer associates at ease, partner Wendie Stabler pointed out, "This business development thing is a marathon, not a sprint. It takes a long time to see results." Fellow panelists recommended that attorneys market themselves to other attorneys inside the firm through "credibility" (being an excellent attorney) and "visibility" (participating in firm events). Partner Connie Foster talked about the value of treating every client like it will one day be your biggest client by telling the story of how she first represented one large firm client in a small matter and the relationship grew from there.

The firm's younger women attorneys soaked up the knowledge. Ruth Rauls, an associate, said, "It was great to be in a room of such accomplished women and know that as a female associate I have so many great women to look up to," while associate Cristina Stummer appreciated that the more seasoned attorneys invested their own personal time to mentor the firm's junior women attorneys.