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The Cost of Employee Misclassification – A Saul Ewing Labor Law Webinar Series

Event Dates: October 30, 2013
Services: Labor and Employment

The nature of employment is evolving, as many employers increasingly rely on “contractors” to supplement their existing complement of “regular” employees. This practice can be risky and expose an employer to liability under federal and state laws if the worker has been misclassified as an independent contractor. Many employers also struggle with classifying their “regular” employees as “exempt” or “non-exempt” for purposes of federal and state wage and hour laws. These twin risks of misclassification present daunting challenges for even the most seasoned HR professionals and corporate counsel.

In this two-part CLE* series, Saul Ewing’s Harriet E. Cooperman, co-chair of the Labor, Employment and Employee Benefits Practice, Robert C. Nagle and Danielle N. Petaja, respectively, a partner and an associate in the Practice, will present the following programs:

Part One – Independent Contractor vs. Employee

Employers who mistakenly classify employees as independent contractors expose their companies to potential liability under a host of laws, such as wage and hour, ERISA, unemployment, and workers compensation. Attendees will learn how to distinguish between employees and independent contractors and will hear about the ramifications of improper classification.

Please click here for a PDF of the Part 1 presentation. A recording of the webcast is available here.

Part Two – Exempt Employee vs. Non-Exempt Employee

The Fair Labor Standards Act has been in effect for 75 years, yet employers still routinely misclassify employees as exempt from its overtime and hourly pay requirements. Attendees will learn how to determine which employees properly fall under the professional, executive, or administrative exemptions and how to satisfy the “salaried basis” requirement needed to obtain these exemptions. Common pitfalls that would render otherwise exempt employees non-exempt also will be discussed.

 Please click here for a PDF of the Part 2 presentation.

Both webinars are 90 minutes and will begin at Noon, EST.

To register for Part 2, click here. For questions, contact Christine Lautenbacher at 215-972-1885 or clautenbacher@saul.com.

*Each program has been approved by the Pennsylvania Continuing Legal Education Board for 1.5 hours of substantive law, practice and procedure CLE credit and 0 hours of ethics, professionalism or substance abuse CLE credit.