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Kapuria to Speak on The Next Stage of EB-5 During JTC Americas Webinar

Event Dates: July 7, 2022
Services: EB-5 | Global Immigration and Foreign Investment

Fund Administration vs. Annual Audit

Rohit Kapuria, a Partner in the Firm's EB-5 Practice, will speak during a JTC Americas webinar. 

On 6/24/22, a federal court granted a preliminary injunction in the case of Behring Regional Center, LLC, v. Alejandro Mayorkas, et al., overturning the USCIS’s decision to deauthorize all existing Regional Centers. This means that for the time being, new investors may file I-526 petitions. Regional Centers must move quickly to get in compliance with the law’s slate of new rules in order to take advantage of this ruling. To make sure our clients and colleagues understand what the law requires and how to make the most informed choice, JTC Americas is hosting a free webinar on 7/7. The event will feature a panel of experts discussing the specifics of the new rules, the ramifications of a choice to forego fund administration, and what to understand before making your decision.

Discussion topics include:

  • The potential cost of an annual audit vs. the cost of third-party fund administration
  • What services third-party administrators like JTC Americas offer
  • Benefits fund administration can provide beyond eliminating the need for an annual audit
  • How co-signatory and escrow agent services go hand-in-hand with fund administration
  • Best practices in recordkeeping, tracking of capital, and document storage, and what it would take to do these things without a fund administrator