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Plan Your Life. Live the Plan.

Event Dates: June 6, 2013
Services: Corporate | Estate Planning and Administration | Personal Wealth Estates and Trusts | Retirement Planning

Professionals from Saul Ewing LLP and BPP Wealth Solutions LLC discuss strategies to design a plan for your financial future

This luncheon presentation will give you information to assist you in creating the optimal plan for your financial future. You will:

  • Brainstorm your financial needs, your goals and your desires with the assistance of skilled planners
  • Learn how simple planning tools can make even the most complex estate thrive and grow
  • Walk away with a framework to build and protect your wealth for generations to come

Debra L. Schatzki of BPP Wealth Solutions LLC and Russell J. Fishkind of Saul Ewing LLP will host this fast-paced, practical approach to estate planning and wealth management. Join us for the afternoon and learn a lifetime of information!