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Washington County Entrepreneur Workshops Building Your Company - The Path to Success II

Event Dates: April 4, 2017
Services: Resources, Access and Mentoring Program (RAMP)

What does it really take to build a successful technology based company? Part II of this fast paced and interactive discussion will delve further into the potential missteps as well as actions that increase the likelihood of success. Topics will include: learning the legal side of running the business, creating an organizational structure, creating a plan, selecting a name, financing, allocating resources as efficiently as possible, building a team, protecting intangible assets, strategic alliances, obtaining revenue and transitioning from startup to growth. 

Hagerstown Community College’s Technical Innovation Center (TIC) supports local entrepreneurs as they grow sustainable businesses. The mission of the TIC is to help tech startup companies grow into sustainable businesses based in Washington County. By fostering the growth of new businesses, the TIC enables job creation, building businesses and developing the local economy through the provision of access to advanced technologies, business development resources, and collaborative opportunities. 

Since its launch in 1994, the TIC has seen over 70 companies come through its doors as startups and graduate into the business world. Emerging technology companies receive many benefits at the TIC, from basic business services, access to equipment and technology, coaching and mentoring, fundraising support, and marketing and public relations leverage. 
Saul Ewing provides emerging companies with the support and practical direction they need to move their businesses forward. Through the firm’s RAMP™ initiative, clients are able to take advantage of key resources, access to capital and mentoring as they navigate the path from idea to reality. 

This Workshop is made possible in part due to a generous grant from TEDCO.