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Arnstein & Lehr welcomes Israeli students to the Chicago office

Event Dates: August 22, 2013

Partner Howard Swibel speaks to students from The Executive LLM Program

On August 12, the Chicago office of Arnstein & Lehr hosted a reception for approximately 30 Israeli young legal professionals, in conjunction with Chicago’s Executive LLM Program. The Executive LLM Program is a program initiated seven years ago by Northwestern University School of Law (Chicago) and Tel Aviv University (Isreal) and offers participating students the opportunity to receive a dual degree of Master of Law in the fields of Public Law and International Law. The program is one year in duration, with two semesters at Tel Aviv and one at Northwestern University. In order to be considered for the Executive LLM Program, applicants must be an Israeli practicing lawyer with 5-10 years of experience in a government office, state attorney office, regulatory agency, the judiciary, central or municipal governmental office or public interest NGO.

Arnstein & Lehr attorneys Howard Swibel, George Apostolides, Bruce Balonick, Norm Jeddeloh, Barry Katz, Mark Miller and David Sugar welcomed the Israeli students with a delicious kosher meal. The students were given the opportunity to share their summer experiences. Students praised the program and also the city of Chicago. They noted the sense of unity amongst many different cultures that surfaced as a result of the program. It was quite apparent that the Executive LLM Program had an everlasting impact on these students’ lives.

To view photos from the event, please click here.