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Firm Hosts Public Relations Crisis Training in Boston

Event Dates: October 30, 2019

Managing the Storm: An Insider’s Guide to Navigating Public Relations Crises

Within any industry, managing media perceptions and anticipating potential PR crises are crucial for any business. Having an understanding of how the media works is imperative for company strategy, including in times of crisis. Knowing how to interact with the media effectively and having a method to respond to media inquiries is an increasingly important and necessary skill set for business executives.

Please join us for a complimentary training featuring Joe Sciacca, the Editor in Chief of the Boston Herald and the Regional Editor in Chief for Media News Groups in Massachusetts and New York, as he walks through his experience with business, civic and political leaders handling significant media inquiries and PR disruptions. Joe will guide us through media crisis management and how to best coordinate PR efforts in day-to-day scenarios, as well as in trying times.