House at War with Infrastructure as the Battleground

Donald A. Rea

On August 9, 2021, the Senate passed a heavily amended version of the INVEST in America Act approving $1 trillion in infrastructure funding. That same day, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi doubled down on her promise that the House will not consider the infrastructure bill until Biden’s $3.5 trillion reconciliation and jobs package is passed. However, nine moderate Democrats wrote Pelosi a letter last week stating exactly the opposite position, i.e., they will refuse to support the jobs bill until the House votes on the infrastructure bill. Pelosi has long sought to use the infrastructure bill as leverage to push the jobs package through the House. Many among the Progressive Caucus fear that once the infrastructure package is passed, more moderate Democrats will not support the massive jobs bill. The House returns to session on August 23 but only to consider the jobs bill not infrastructure.

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