Jim Keller to Speak at URMIA 2023 Northeast Regional Conference - April 11, 2023

The University Risk Management & Insurance Association's (URMIA) 2023 Northeastern Regional Conference, being held April 10-11, 2023 in Boston, MA, will focus on risk management and insurance within URMIA’s core competencies 2 and 3. It will bring together ideas, lessons learned, and best practices for peers campus-wide and celebrate coming together to hear, learn, and network with each other.

Jim Keller, Saul Ewing's Higher Education Practice Co-Chair, will be speaking on April 11, 2023.  His topic is Student Mental Health: Legal Risks & Mitigation Strategies. The COVID-19 pandemic exacerbated and accelerated student mental health issues on our campuses. As we settle into a "post-COVID" world, it is a good time to discuss the most pressing mental health issues in the world of higher education, the corresponding legal risks, and ways to mitigate that risk - while, most importantly, supporting our students.


  •  Learn and discuss current mental health issues on college and university campuses
  •  Understand the corresponding legal risks and acquire mitigation strategies to deal with those risks and serve your students

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