Barrett Wiik Highlighted in Feature Piece by Minnesota Lawyer


Katie Barrett Wiik, whose move to Saul Ewing’s Minneapolis office was announced last month, sought a federal appellate clerkship and has received recognition for her appellate experience. But Barrett Wiik also is a litigator who often joins a team that has an appellate question or when her appellate skills can contribute at various stages of trial court procedures.

“The strategic thinking and the issue analysis that is necessary in appellate practice is very helpful to the client at any stage,” Barrett Wiik said.

Barrett Wiik, who has extensive experience in Minnesota appellate courts and the 8th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, said she was excited to join Saul Ewing as a firm with a national footprint, to serve clients she has outside of the state. In pro bono work, Barrett Wiik is co-counsel a case where the Minnesota Supreme Court will decide whether to protect a sexual assault counselors’ records from subpoena.

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