CYBER PRIVACY: Who Has Your Data and Why You Should Care

“In Cyber Privacy, April Falcon Doss has written the most sweeping, revealing, and understandable book about privacy and our digital lives. With up-to-the-minute analyses of everything from public health surveillance for COVID-19 to deep-fake videos flooding social media to how the NSA spies on terrorists overseas, Cyber Privacy is the comprehensive guide to our evolving notions of privacy in the digital age. A must-read if you want to understand how both businesses and governments know so much about you and how our society needs to adapt to preserve an individual’s sense of identity.”
-Glenn Gerstell, senior advisor, Center for Strategic and International Studies, and former general counsel, National Security Agency

“We all have serious—but too often vague—concerns that every day computer usage poses a dire threat to our personal and financial well-being, as well the nation’s security. In her new book Cyber Privacy, April Falcon Doss—the nation’s leading expert on this subject—not only tells why that is so, but in a clear and engaging way arms us with strategies to protect ourselves, our loved ones, and the nation itself from life-threatening assaults on our privacy. This book is a must-read.”
-Michael Greenberger, professor, University of Maryland Carey Law School and director of the Center for Health and Homeland Security, University of Maryland

“A fantastically broad and uncompromisingly detailed tour through the world of data privacy. April Falcon Doss’s perspective from the front lines takes us through the whirlwind of the past, present, and future of how our personal data gets used and abused by the people with access to it. From big tech companies, retailers, advertising companies, through to the police and intelligence agencies of the US and beyond, this is an absolutely critical read for anyone who wants to understand the complex, and often unintuitive, consequences of living in our increasingly data-driven world.”
-Matt Tait, independent cybersecurity expert, formerly at GCHQ and Google Project Zero, and former senior cybersecurity fellow at the Robert Strauss Center for International Security and Law at the University of Texas at Austin

“A brilliantly written tour de force on privacy in the 21st century. Combining decades of experience on all sides of the privacy debate, Doss combines incisive analysis of disruptive technologies, underlying economics, and increasingly complex legal overlays to deliver an essential primer on the fraught privacy landscape. Written in a straightforward style that takes no side, Doss delivers an enduring and useful framework for both individuals and societies seeking to align interests long thought to be beyond reconciliation.”
-Chris Inglis, deputy director, NSA, 2006–2014

“At a time when most internet users do not understand the complex concoction of algorithms, engagement, microtargeting, and personal data profiles that curate the information they see, April Falcon Doss uses her multi-sector experience to make privacy accessible to all. Anyone who cares about maintaining a grip on their personal information—or at least being informed about what’s happening with it—should read this book.”
-Nina Jankowicz, author of How to Lose the Information War 

“Drawing on her experiences as an NSA lawyer, Senate lawyer, and private practitioner, April Falcon Doss has written a book that is unique in scope, well researched, clearly written, and a must-read for consumers, policy makers, privacy advocates, and concerned citizens. Without losing sight of the substantial benefits that are achieved through collecting and analyzing personal information on a massive scale, Doss exposes the unregulated practices of the large data collectors - including Apple, Amazon, Facebook, and Google—then examines the regulated practices of the Intelligence Community and the constraints - good and bad - on law enforcement activities. Her comprehensive discussion of both US and foreign laws drives the conclusion that our current approaches to privacy issues are often illogical,
counterproductive, and even harmful. This book makes the case that we seriously need to re-examine what we are doing, and it provides useful guidance on where and how we can start to make meaningful changes that will benefit most everyone.”
-David C. Shonka, former acting general counsel, Federal Trade Commission, and privacy partner at Redgrave LLP

“April Falcon Doss has provided a vital contribution to our understanding of privacy and cybersecurity. Cyber Privacy provides laymen and experts alike with a rich understanding of the laws and technology that shape our ability to control who accesses our personal information and what they do with it. Drawing on her extraordinary experience in the public and private sectors, Doss takes an even-handed approach to examining our past, current, and future challenges, and presents complex issues in an accessible and entertaining format.”
-Jeff Kosseff, author, The Twenty-Six Words That Created the Internet

“April Falcon Doss’s book Cyber Privacy is a must-read for anyone interested in this fast-evolving topic. Whether you are a technology user, a compliance or privacy officer, or a practicing lawyer, this book will help in understanding the complex intersections of technology, the internet economy, the role of the state, and the uses of personally identifiable information and metadata. It’s a particularly important topic right now, as regulations and laws are being developed and passed in jurisdictions all over the globe, and this very readable explanation of the major topics, players, and issues—current and future—is an essential guidebook.”
-Rick Ledgett, former deputy director, NSA

“April Falcon Doss thoughtfully, expertly and critically informs and navigates the reader across an amazing number of privacy invasion scenarios to an extent not seen in previous publications. She displays excellent insight and advanced analytical chops because of her many years of experience dealing with each of them. Novice and expert readers alike will profit from this important book. Bravo!”
-William H. Murphy, Jr., former judge and prominent civil rights attorney

“April Falcon Doss has spent a career at the National Security Agency, Senate intelligence committee, and in private practice influencing the decisions that shape technology, cybersecurity, and data privacy. In this book, Doss turns twenty years of perspective and experience into a Cyber Privacy road map to guide those looking to understand how data came to rule our world and where we go from here.”
-Susan Hennessey, author of Unmaking the Presidency