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Lori A.B. Zerbe
(717) 238-7697

Office Managing Partner

Joel C. Hopkins

Saul Ewing Arnstein & Lehr's Harrisburg office provides clients with legal services throughout the central Pennsylvania region, offering both strong local connections and the full-service resources of a large regional law firm. The lawyers resident in the Harrisburg office have lived and worked in central Pennsylvania for many years, and many of them have extensive, high-level backgrounds in state government. The office's presence in Harrisburg allows ready access on behalf of clients with issues pending before a wide variety of state agencies, including Insurance, Environmental Protection, Revenue, Labor & Industry, Agriculture, and Transportation, while at the same time providing a base for representing clients in federal and state courts throughout all counties comprising the Middle District of Pennsylvania. Firm services represented in the Harrisburg office include Bankruptcy; Insurance; Litigation; Business; Utility; Environmental; Construction; Labor and Employment; Owner Managed Businesses; Tax; and Personal Wealth, Estates and Trusts.


From the West

  1. From the Pennsylvania Turnpike take Exit 242.
  2. Continue straight and follow signs for I-83 North (Harrisburg).
  3. Travel I-83 North to the exit for 2nd Street - Exit 43 (formerly Exit 23).
  4. Travel on 2nd Street to Market Street. (PNIC Bldg. is on the left side of Market Square.)

From the East

  1. From the Pennsylvania Turnpike take Exit 247.
  2. Continue straight and follow signs for I-83 South (Harrisburg).
  3. Travel I-83 South to exit for 2nd Street - Exit 43 (formerly Exit 23).
  4. Travel on 2nd Street to Market Street. (PNIC Bldg. is on left side of Market Square.)

From Public Transportation

When arriving at the Harrisburg AMTRAK station at 4th and Chestnut Streets, exit the train station and there are cabs available outside in the circle. If you choose to walk, exit the station and turn right; travel down the hill to Market Street and turn left; walk down Market Street to Second Street (about 2-1/2 blocks) -- when you reach the square at Second and Market Streets facing the river, the office is located on the far side of Second Street on the right (directly across from the Harrisburg Hilton).

Distance to Philadelphia

Approximately 100 miles.
Travel Time: 2 hours.


Metered street, or Walnut Street Garage:

  1. At 2nd and Market Streets, turn right onto Market (in left lane).
  2. Turn left at first alley (Court St.).
  3. Go straight past stop sign and merge left to Walnut Street Garage.
Professionals in this office
George Asimos
Chesterbrook, Harrisburg T: (717) 257-7553 Email
Andrew T. Bockis
Harrisburg T: (717) 257-7520 Email
Eric L. Brossman
Harrisburg T: (717) 257-7570 Email
Joel R. Burcat
Harrisburg T: (717) 257-7506 Email
John R. Dixon
Harrisburg T: (717) 257-7561 Email
Michael A. Finio
Harrisburg T: (717) 238-7671 Email
Constance B. Foster
Harrisburg T: (717) 238-7560 Email
Nicholas V. Fox
Harrisburg T: (717) 257-7552 Email
Andrew S. Gordon
Harrisburg T: (717) 257-7579 Email
Matthew M. Haar
Harrisburg T: (717) 257-7508 Email
Jeremy F. Heinnickel
Harrisburg T: (717) 257-7575 Email
Joel C. Hopkins
Harrisburg T: (717) 257-7525 Email
Richard D. Leigh
Chesterbrook, Harrisburg T: (717) 257-7501 Email
Frances R. Roggenbaum
Harrisburg T: (717) 257-7526 Email
Kara P. Scarboro
Harrisburg T: (717) 257-7558 Email
Catherine E. Walters
Harrisburg T: (717) 257-7569 Email
William W. Warren, Jr.
Harrisburg T: (717) 238-7698 Email
Cory S. Winter
Harrisburg T: (717) 257-7562 Email