ABC News, Politico Interview Doss on Trump’s Declassification Order

ABC News, Politico Interview Doss on Trump’s Declassification Order
House Intelligence Chair to Spy Agencies: Tell us What Barr Asks for
May 24, 2019
Lee Ferran, Luke Barr, Ben Siegal, Natasha Bertrand

In May 2019, President Donald Trump gave Attorney General William Barr the power to declassify or downgrade the classification of information related to his review of "surveillance activities" during the 2016 election.

April Doss, chair of the Firm’s Cybersecurity and Privacy Practice and former head of intelligence law at the National Security Agency, said in Politico the order does not mandate that Mr. Barr consult with the intelligence community before declassifying documents, but she hopes he would.

In ABC News, April said: "[Barr is] not naturally situated to have the full scope to know the importance of a declassification decision. These sources and methods are fragile, perishable and the intelligence community agency who originated the information is best positioned to understand the impact of a particular declassification decision." 

April remarked in a second ABC News article: "the AG is a political appointee. He’s already come under a lot of fire for behaving in ways that many have viewed as partisan. So, any decision he makes regarding declassification not only could be influenced by partisan considerations, but is almost certain to be seen as partisan considerations."