Armon Says Interaction Is Key to Running a Business

Armon Says Interaction Is Key to Running a Business

"Foster effective communication to maximize success", Ambulatory Surgery Compliance & Reimbursement Insider

June 1, 2007

Bruce D. Armon, a Partner in the Business Department and Chair of the Life Sciences Practice Group, was quoted in this article about the importance of effective communication and accountability among those in leadership positions at an ambulatory service center (ASC).

"Regular meetings and frequent interaction between the investors and professional management is critical," Mr. Armon said about avoiding conflict. "If management understands its responsibilities and investors have realistic expectations, this should help mitigate conflict situations."

"Take advantage of individuals' respective strengths and time commitments," Mr. Armon said of the need to identify staff members' strengths and weaknesses. "Putting someone in the wrong place for the wrong reason is a recipe for disaster. The key investors and ASC management should work to identify the appropriate roles and tasks for each individual."

"Communication is key to running every business," Mr. Armon said. "It is particularly true for busy physicians with practices in multiple locations."

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