Berk Highlighted in Boston Herald

Berk Highlighted in Boston Herald
Cambridge Councilors Want Poor, Minorities to Get First Chances at Recreational Pot Licenses
June 25, 2019
Jonathan NG

In Cambridge, two lawmakers are pushing a social justice pot plan that would add restrictions to applicants opening recreational marijuana shop in the city for the next two years. This Boston Herald article outlines the proposed amendment, which would bar those who are not an "economic empowerment" or "social equity" applicant from opening.

Zack Berk, a partner in the Firm's Cannabis Law Practice who represents three Cambridge medical shops, said in a letter that the proposal is uncsontitutional, discriminatory and violate's the state's pot laws.

"Because of the significant and irreparably detrimental impact the Proposed Amendments would have on our clients’ business and reasonable investment expectations, if the City Council were to nevertheless proceed to adopt the unlawful provisions — or any other provisions that would similarly delay RMDs conversion rights, whether through ordinances or otherwise — we would have no choice but to vigorously challenge their legality in court,"  wrote Zack.