Bockis and Burcat Quoted in Law360 Discussing EPA

Bockis and Burcat Quoted in Law360 Discussing EPA
Pa. Pipeline Row Shows Enviro Rights Amendment Still Murky
May 18, 2018
Matt Fair

Andrew Bockis and Joel Burcat, two partners in the Firm's Energy Transmissions/Pipelines Practice, are quoted in this article discussing a controversial pipeline project. Many attorneys agree that the case showcases the uncertainty around Pennsylvania’s environmental rights amendment (ERA).

"This highlights the project-development challenge created by the proverbial blank slate of ERA case law - there is now an unlimited opportunity for third-party appeals, even after a project has obtained all necessary regulatory approvals," said Andrew. "Until the courts construct a more complete lens through which ERA claims will be adjudicated, this is the type of creative argument we’ll continue to see."

ERA is Article 1, Section 27 of the Pennsylvania State Constitution. Joel echoed Andrew's thoughts.

"We're going to see a lot of cases and a lot of courts trying to define the parameters of Section 27 for many years to come," said Joel.

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