Calo suggests accommodation policies for employers

Calo suggests accommodation policies for employers
ADA case highlights need for workplace policies to accommodate disabilities
November 25, 2016
Taryn Phaneuf
Pennsylvania Record

Dena Calo, partner and vice chair of Saul Ewing’s Labor and Employment Practice, discusses accommodation issues for employees with disabilities. The article highlights a recent case in which an employee was fired after revealing a physical disability to his employer. The employer now faces allegations that it violated the Americans with Disabilities Act. Dena notes that these types of allegations can be avoided if employers have a set policy outlining how it accommodates employees. One recommendation she gives is to have employees request accommodations.

“That would put the burden on the person to step forward and ask for accommodations rather for the employer to guess,” she said. “If they have a good policy on disability accommodations, that kind of shifts that burden to the employee to say, ‘I’m struggling or I’m having trouble performing certain duties.’ ”

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