Cooperman comments after verdict reached in civil lawsuit

Cooperman comments after verdict reached in civil lawsuit

"Assault victim contests jury award", The Daily Record

December 22, 2008

Harriet Cooperman, Partner and Co-Chair of the Labor, Employment and Employee Benefits Practice Group, is quoted in this article about a federal jury award that was far less than her client had offered to settle the case.

Cooperman represented the defendant who was accused of assaulting a female during a management retreat. Her client maintained his innocence throughout his criminal and civil trials. Weeks before the verdict, her client offered to settle the case for as much as $300,000, realizing it was unlikely that the jury would believe his complete denial that an incident had taken place.

After the weeks long trial, the jury awarded the plaintiff $3,880 in medical expenses (representing almost four years of psychological counseling) and $50,000 in compensatory damages and no punitive damages. "Frankly, for us, it was a huge result," Cooperman said. "We actually had filed an offer of judgment, and now we've filed a bill of costs."