Cooperman Quoted About Employee Wardrobe Issues

Cooperman Quoted About Employee Wardrobe Issues

"Put Down That Necktie and Step Away From the Wardrobe", The Baltimore Sun

May 14, 2006

Harriet Cooperman, a Partner in the Baltimore office, and Chair of Saul Ewing's Labor, Employment, and Employee Benefits Practice Group, was quoted in this article about the appropriate actions an employer can take with wardrobe discrepancies.

PSC Chairman Kenneth Schisler testified at a legislative hearing the other day that the commission's chief engineer was partly fired for wearing a "dorky, '70s-era tie."

"If you have a situation where somebody wears clothing because of religious beliefs, or cultural, now that would raise an issue, that would be basis of a discrimination claim," Mrs. Cooperman said. "But just 'cause the guy can't get out of the '70s, that's not sufficient."