Doss Comments on Facebook Software Bug in Law360

Doss Comments on Facebook Software Bug in Law360
Facebook Says Bug Exposed 6.8M Users' Private Photos
December 17, 2018
Allison Grande

April Doss, chair of the Firm’s Cybersecurity and Privacy Practice, is quoted in Law360, discussing Facebook’s announcement of a software bug that has exposed the private photos of over 6.8 million users.

According to April, there is a surprising common theme that emerges from all three of the Facebook hacks that have occurred this year.

"What we're seeing here is another instance in which a Facebook security incident is kind of pushing the envelope when it comes to the way that data compromises can happen and the kinds of data that can be affected," said April. "… what we've seen with all three Facebook security incidents that have been announced this year is that as all of us have more and more information in digital ecosystem, there's more and more kinds of information that can be compromised, and often in ways that are hard for individual consumers to understand or that they may not have expected."

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