Doss discusses legality of internet surveillance at border

Doss discusses legality of internet surveillance at border
Former NSA lawyer says US border plans to demand tourists' browser history, phone data would be unlawful
February 15, 2017
Zack Whittaker
ZDnet Zero Day

​April Doss, partner and chair of Saul Ewing’s Cybersecurity and Privacy Practice, is featured in this article sharing her thoughts on the impacts of more strict internet surveillance policies for foreign visitors. The article mentions that the proposed plan would require visitors to the United States to turn over contacts lists, browsing histories, and social media data. In the article, April notes that these actions would be unlawful. She also notes that such practices could be detrimental to international relations, overly intrusive and could drain intelligence surveillance resources.

“The government neither has the capacity to conduct deep-dive searches on every visitor at the border, nor has the legal powers to do it once they are permitted entry to the US,” said April in the article.

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