Doss quoted on FISA 702 information collection process

Doss quoted on FISA 702 information collection process
Overseeing What's Overheard- The coming battle over surveillance
March 27, 2017
Jenna Lifhits
The Weekly Standard

April Doss, partner and chair of Saul Ewing’s Cybersecurity and Privacy Practice, is quoted in this article on the process of collecting information through FISA Section 702. The article notes that critics of the surveillance process are concerned with incidental collection of information of a non-targeted U.S. person, and reverse targeting- targeting a foreign person with the intent of collecting information on a U.S. person. "It would be very hard for somebody to task a foreign selector for the purpose of collecting U.S. communications without it getting caught," April said in the article.

April also notes that there is an intense review process when making a targeting decision. "The minimization procedures do allow reporting that includes a U.S. person's name in some circumstances, specifically where the identity of the person is necessary to understand or assess the intelligence,” April explains in the article.

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