Fayne Quoted in Law360 Article on Tax Dispute

Fayne Quoted in Law360 Article on Tax Dispute
High Court Payroll Row Raises Other Employee Tax Concerns
May 16, 2018
Vidya Kauri

Adam Fayne, a partner in the Firm's Tax Practice, is quoted in this Law360 article. Adam discussed the most recent tax dispute heard by the U.S. Supreme Court concerning whether taxes should be deducted from compensation owed to a former employee for lost wages in connection with a workplace injury.

"If it's a very narrow opinion, then there's less room for interpretation and regulations," said Adam. "I don't think BNSF is the only one that is in this position of how they treat these payments and the taxes they turn over to the IRS. So I think other people are going to be paying attention to this as well."

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