Firm associate attorneys attend ILN’s business development webinar

Firm associate attorneys attend ILN’s business development webinar
November 19, 2014

On November 11, 2014, several Arnstein & Lehr associates attended the International Lawyers Network webinar “Development Strategies for Associates.” The attendees included Chicago Associates Christina Brunka, Karen Harris, Kevin Morse, Elizabeth Thompson and Megan Toth; Fort Lauderdale Associate Jordan Isrow; and Miami Associates Steven Appelbaum, Carmen Contreras-Martinez and Elan Gershoni.

The webinar was provided by ILN for its member firms and gave an overview of techniques from the Practice Boomers e-learning program, which is specifically geared toward burgeoning business-getters. Some of the topics presented were:

  • Learning how to target and nurture the contacts who will develop into significant prospects.
  • Discovering time-management techniques that allow management of existing commitments and new pursuits.
  • Leveraging mentors for opportunities that accelerate career advancement.

At the conclusion of the program, there was a brief walk-through of the award-winning Practice Boomers e-learning platform.