Forte's Support of The Devotion Project Featured in Philadelphia Gay News

Forte's Support of The Devotion Project Featured in Philadelphia Gay News
Philly event sends message to Russia
February 13, 2014
Angela Thomas
Philadelphia Gay News

Anthony Forte, a partner in Saul Ewing’s Real Estate Practice, is featured in this article about a fundraiser he held at his home in January 2014 to promote The Devotion Project, a series of short documentaries about loving LGBT couples, and to pay for its translation into Russian.

The translated version was posted on a YouTube channel for the project in time for the start of the Sochi Olympics largely due to the success of the event, which was sponsored by Saul Ewing’s Diversity and Inclusion Committee. Tony Osso, the Hollywood filmmaker and LGBT activist behind The Devotion Project, attended as did Pennsylvania Rep. Brian Sims, special counsel in the firm’s Higher Education Practice, who spoke about the state of marriage equality rights.

The Devotion Project is a series of six 10-minute documentary profiles of loving, successful LGBT couples and families. Osso hopes that making stories of LGBT love visible will lead to more tolerance and compassion for the LGBT community – an approach that appealed strongly to Anthony.

“I think we found in our own country that, once people come in contact with real life LGBT people and they see the stories, little by little attitudes start to change,” Anthony said in the article. Click here to read the complete story.

Views of The Devotion Project’s YouTube channel have surpassed 650,000 and the documentaries have been screened at more than 45 film festivals worldwide. Click here to view the project’s YouTube channel and learn more about it.