Jennings Says U.S. Steel Project Not a Done Deal

Jennings Says U.S. Steel Project Not a Done Deal
November 30, 2006

Thomas J. Jennings, Special Counsel in the Environment, Energy and Utilities Department in the Firm's Philadelphia office and U.S. Steel attorney, commented on the Falls, PA water and sewer board approval of a resolution supporting Morrisville, PA's grant application.

The state grant is worth $4.75 million, and $1.6 million would be contributed from U.S. Steel. The combined $6.4 million would fund a sanitary sewer pipeline construction that would run through U.S. Steel's existing facilities and ultimately connect to Morrisville's treatment plant, where sewage would be treated.

Mr. Jennings said that if the grants come through, construction would generate economic development and jobs. He suggested the board act quickly because of the state's December 1 grant application deadline.

"It's not a done deal," Mr. Jennings said. "If one party's not happy, the project will not get done." Mr. Jennings said if it is not done, U.S. Steel would keep treating the approximate 65,000 gallons of sanitary sewage a day. That amount, combined with the 375,000 gallons per day generated from Falls Keystone Industrial Port Complex, could be handled at Morrisville's plant, Mr. Jennings said. He also said that the availability of public sewage could potentially attract new businesses.