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Legal Intelligencer highlights Saul Ewing’s growth in 2012

Saul Ewing Revenue Up 7.8 Percent, PPP Up 12 Percent

Saul Ewing is profiled in this story highlighting the strategic vision that the firm used to guide its growth last year.

The firm's revenue increased 7.8 percent in 2012 largely because its existing lawyers brought in more business. While many large firms add lawyers to increase revenue, Saul Ewing's headcount of attorneys rose only 3.2 percent during the same period. That works out to a 4.5 percent increase in revenue per lawyer.

Managing Partner David S. Antzis attributed the financial gain to a combination of focusing on improving client service and increasing market share. He said this approach allowed Saul Ewing to gain more business from its existing clients as well as earn new business that might have traditionally gone to larger firms.

Responses to client satisfaction surveys have led the firm to become more flexible with fixed fee and alternative fee arrangements and to keep annual rate increases modest, David explained. The firm also grew its market share by opening an office in Pittsburgh and is looking to continue growing there as well as in Boston, where an office was opened in 2011. Further geographic expansion is possible in the future in Ohio, Manhattan and Northern Virginia.

"While the post-recession challenges law firms continue to face are no secret," the story states, "Antzis said the successful year his firm had in 2012 has given him a brighter outlook on 2013 than many of his firm leader colleagues may have."