Majev authors article about commercial real estate outlook

Majev authors article about commercial real estate outlook
Measured optimism is the mood at Real Estate Conference
November 23, 2012
Howard R. Majev
Mid-Atlantic Real Estate Journal

Howard R. Majev, Partner and Co-Chair of the Firm’s Real Estate Practice, authored this story about the outlook for commercial real estate based on what he heard during the Firm’s 4th Annual Mid-Atlantic Real Estate Conference in Baltimore in October. Majev reported that industry players were finding opportunities in the down market, but were picking them carefully and financing them in ways to protect against potential risks that remain.

"Although I wouldn't say the real estate market is completely healthy," Majev wrote, "it is certainly re-gaining some of its health."

The story also documents the comments of the keynote speaker, Richard S. Sokolov, who is Chief Operating Officer of Simon Property Group, along with the experiences of numerous panel members and moderators.