Murphy Quoted about the Future of Unions

Murphy Quoted about the Future of Unions

"Unions Face Challenges", The Delaware County Daily Times

September 7, 2005

Christopher J. Murphy, a Partner in Saul Ewing's Labor, Employment, and Employee Benefits Practice Group, is quoted in this article about how America's labor groups are struggling to maintain membership and organize the working class.

Mr. Murphy suspects the recent split could energize unionized workers.

"I believe that those unions will increase their efforts to organize new members and I think that they are likely to do that because of the sectors of the economy they focus on -- technology, service, healthcare [and] retail," he said.

Mr. Murphy also said he expects the remaining unions of the AFL-CIO to step up their efforts. "There's going to be increased organized activity and pressure from the top down to reverse the membership slide that has been going on for the last 15 to 20 years."