Nagle Comments on Healthcare Workers Reimbursement Issues

Nagle Comments on Healthcare Workers Reimbursement Issues
March 11, 2007

Robert C. Nagle, Special Counsel in the Labor, Employment and Employee Benefits Practice Group, was quoted in this article about organizing home healthcare workers unions and litigating better conditions for the workers.

Some workers are self-employed, while others work for agencies, and therefore are not public employees. However, reimbursement rates for the work they do are set by the government.

"The union is behind this litigation," Mr. Nagle said, who represents Lee's Industries, Inc., a home healthcare provider that was the subject of a class action lawsuit. "None of my client's employees have complained to management that they have been paid improperly."

"Most home health aide agencies operate on a reimbursement basis," he said. "To my understanding, the agencies are not reimbursed by the government for travel time expenses and as such, most agencies don't budget for that in employee compensation plans."