Ravin’s move to Firm is highlighted

Ravin’s move to Firm is highlighted
Saul Ewing Nabs Bankruptcy Pro for NJ Office
November 20, 2012
Raphael Pope-Sussman

This story highlights Stephen B. Ravin’s decision to join our Firm as a Partner in the Bankruptcy and Restructuring Practice. Steve, who is based in the Newark, N.J. office, praised Saul Ewing as an “excellent firm doing very good legal work,” and said its emphasis on marketing is important to him. He hopes the move will help broaden the clients he serves. 

Steve’s past service as president of the Mountain Lakes, N.J. Volunteer Fire Department also is touted. “As a lawyer, most of us are always putting out fires, especially as a bankruptcy lawyer, so to that extent I do see some similarities,” he said. “You’re putting out fires whether you’re a fireman or a bankruptcy lawyer.”

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