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Storm Clouds No Match Vs. Seasoned RE Lawyer

The Real Reporter

This article features Real Estate Partner Sally E. Michael and her devotion to clients and accomplishing their goals.

One of Sally’s clients, Kambiz Shahbazi, described a major real estate portfolio transaction that was wrapping up in December 2010 when a massive blizzard struck the East Coast. Despite the weather and the fact that several parties involved in the deal were scattered throughout the country and, in the client’s case, in South America, Sally got the job done. “Sally pulled it off, like always,” said Shahbazi, founder of KS Partners. Fellow Saul Ewing Partner Richard Gass, who has worked with Sally since 2004, said Sally is brilliant and extremely nice, but “don’t get in the way of her clients and their business – she won’t stand for it.”

The article also covers the July 2011 merger between Saul Ewing and Sally’s former firm, Dionne & Gass, saying the union has proven to be a good one and that Saul Ewing has helped the office grow in the 11 short months it has been a Saul Ewing office. In addition to the 11 Dionne & Gass attorneys who merged into Saul Ewing, the office has added four attorneys in less than a year.