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Telemedicine standards set

Bruce D. Armon, a partner and co-chair of the Health Practice, is quoted in this article about recently approved standards regarding credentialing and privileging telemedicine providers, saying the new standards should help reduce the burden – particularly for rural hospitals – of having to credential practitioners who may have privileges at other hospitals.

"I think the hope from both CMS (Centers for Medicaid & Medicare Services) and The Joint Commission is that this should help reduce any barriers or burdens that providers saw as it relates to taking advantage of technology and telemedicine services," he said. He said a key to making the standards work is for the origination site to have confidence in the distant site’s processes and ability to meet its standards.

"If you were the originating hospital and I was the distant site, and you did not have any experience with my hospital, the written agreement between us should give you the comfort you need so that you can rely on the credentialing I am doing of my physicians who are going to be providing clinical services for your patients," Bruce said.