Joel R. Burcat

Joel Burcat

Joel Burcat has more than 30 years of experience assisting clients who are at odds with the government in environmental and oil and gas enforcement cases, permitting disputes, and environmental crises. When the stakes are high, he conducts internal investigations and provides legal counsel on issues spanning from understanding the regulatory parameters, to initial response, to negotiations, and litigation of cases. His deep knowledge of the challenges his clients face to comply with state and federal environmental regulations extends across many industries, including manufacturing, land development, petroleum and chemical companies,  oil and gas producers, and pipelines. Joel also supports these industries by handling transactions involving the change of ownership of contaminated properties and natural resources (including coal, non-coal minerals and oil and gas).


Joel's previous role in what is now the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection contributes to his insight about the process behind government decisions. Prior to entering private practice, Joel served as assistant attorney general, which involved litigating the types of environmental enforcement cases his clients now face. This past experience and his present work as a mediator helps Joel understand why clients need speedy and cost-effective resolutions to permitting and enforcement disputes.

Joel's deep knowledge of environmental law, including laws affecting the oil and gas industry, is also demonstrated by his editing work. He served as the co-editor of “Pennsylvania Environmental Law and Practice,” from the first edition published in 1994 through the seventh edition published in 2012. He was also co-editor of the first edition and the 2016 edition of “The Law of Oil and Gas in Pennsylvania.” Both books are published by the Pennsylvania Bar Institute Press.

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