Stephen R. Eide

Stephen R. Eide

Steve Eide counsels businesses on the legal issues they face as sponsors and fiduciaries of employee stock ownership plans (ESOPs). His experience includes helping business owners implement ESOPs as a succession strategy and as a tool for making corporate acquisitions. Clients rely on his advice to evaluate the feasibility and advantages of these plans, as well as design and administer them in compliance with federal and state laws. His understanding of the broader issues facing employee-owned businesses is also informed by his prior experience as vice president of the Minnesota/Dakotas Chapter of the ESOP Association.

Steve's experience with employee benefits also encompasses designing and implementing many other types of retirement programs. 


In addition, he defends employers in regulatory disputes with the IRS and Department of Labor and represents plan trustees and other ERISA fiduciaries in corporate and ESOP transactions.

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