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Staying Ahead of Corporate Governance Trends

Posted: 04/01/2006
Services: Corporate Governance

The Staying Ahead of Corporate Governance Trends Newsletter is published by Saul Ewing's Corporate Governance Practice Group. The Group provides advice in matters involving the fiduciary responsibilities of directors and officers; crisis management; financial reporting; management succession; mergers and acquisitions; proxy contests; divestitures; and compliance programs.

In the Spring 2006 issue: Whistle While You Work:  Lessons Learned from Sarbanes-Oxley Whistleblower Cases; The Increasing Importance of Corporate Minutes; New Rules for Audit Committees and Auditors; Sovereign Bank Fight Leads to Important Changes to Pennsylvania's Business Corporation Laws; Court Applies Entire Fairness to Merger Where Directors Received $376 Million Premium; Court Reinforces That Board Decisions Will Not Be Judged in Hindsight; Court Reconfirms Shareholders as "Ultimate Holders of Power" of Corporation