Your Business In Court 2007-2008

Your Business In Court 2007-2008
John B. Reiss, Co-Author
Food and Drug Law Journal, Vol. 63, No. 4, Pgs. 753-798, 2008

John B. Reiss, a Partner in the Business and Finance Department and a member of the Health Law Practice Group, is a co-author of this report contained within the Food and Drug Law Institute's Food and Drug Law Journal (2008) that covers enforcement actions by the FDA and activities involving the FTC and SEC.

The comprehensive report is the authors’ third survey article that covers how courts have handled matters in a number of legal arenas affecting, or that could affect, manufacturers of pharmaceuticals, medical devices or biotechnology products, paying particular attention to the latest fraud and abuse cases.

Saul Ewing LLP 2008 Summer Associates Jerome R. Aquino, Monique A. Bair, Christopher D. Belen and Patrick M. Hromisin also contributed to this article.

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