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Health Care Labor Law

Date: 01/01/1981
Author: Paul M. Heylman, Chapter Author
Services: Labor and Employment

Publication: University of Michigan Health Administration Press


Paul M. Heylman, a Partner in the Business Department and Labor, Employment and Employee Benefits Practice Group in the Washington, D.C. office, contributed two chapters to this book.

Mr. Heylman's chapters are titled, "Employee Relations in an Unorganized Facility" and "Developing a Strike Contingency Plan."

"Employee Relations in an Unorganized Facility" covers effective employee relations in a non-union facility, as well as what an employer can and cannot do regarding union organizing efforts.

"Developing a Strike Contingency Plan" addresses how to plan for, and deal with, strikes in hospitals and other health care facilities. It covers the 8(g) notice requirements (unique to health care), injunctions, operational contingency plans and related issues.