RAMP Client List

AssureTech, LLC

Spotlight Client

AssureTech, LLC is an innovative medical device company creating new technological solutions to address specific challenges within the medical community .  Focusing first on the food allergy sector, AssureTech developed  an insulating case for the life saving devices EpiPen and Auvi-Q, which are used to prevent anaphylaxis shock.   The specially designed case provides insulation for the medicine as well as mobile capability to its users.  These features keep the device protected and ready to go, sending a notification to the user if forgotten or to an emergency contact  if the user is in distress.   

AssureTech has received recognition and 15k from the Juniata Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership, as well as funds from Ben Franklin Technology Partners.

Best of luck with your continued successes. 

AnaOno Intimates is the maker of lingerie, primarily bras, for  women who've had various types of breast surgery.  Their inspiration is to help women feel beautiful, confident and empowered regardless of what adversities they have faced. The company recently launched a revolutionary radiation bra and camisole line.   When created, the founder knew she wanted to give back to the community and continues this commitment to community service and breast cancer awareness.

Blackstar Drones is dedicated to providing top FPV drone racing gear with competitive but fair prices and quick delivery.  It prides  itself in authenticity at fair prices not "discounted markups, "  and products are shipped directly from New York which ensures prompt deliveries.

The Clarimark Lung Cancer Screening Test provides a means to detect lung cancer in its early stages when it is most curable. The simple test uses a finger stick blood sampling kit with accuracy superior to current x-rays and other traditional methods. 

Charitable Ticket Network (CTN) is an organization that repurposes donated unused tickets to major sporting events and provides them to families that could not afford to go.  This gives those children normally unable to attend a chance to experience the emotions of heightened sporting events while creating memories of a lifetime.

Located in Philadelphia, Chocamo is an innovative dessert company that offers a new way to think of a cookie.  Their creativity makes cookies filled with your choice of liquid to experience the best of both worlds.  Whether it be as  party favors, edible logos or desserts for your next event, Chocamo will deliver.

"the next evolution of shopping"

Headquartered in Chicago, IL. Click Deal Buy! Inc. is a SaaS ecommerce software development company using Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Big Data and Personalized consumer information to transform how consumers purchase products, thus enabling  click and mortar businesses to increase AOV, conversions/sales, margins and loyalty.  

ConverGene is an early-stage biopharmaceutical company working on the development of new innovative cancer drugs targeting bromodomains (specific proteins). Using its own propriety library of small molecules, the drugs  have shown the ability to slow the progression of cancer.

DNA4 Technologies is a biotechnology company specializing in the use of DNA data to provide third party validation of the authenticity, purity and safety of food, medicinal and natural products.  DNA4 Tech has developed proprietary software, Genome2-ID, that dramatically improves the accuracy and precision of DNA testing for a wide range of products.  With DNA4 Tech and Genome2-ID consumers, suppliers and producers can know the products they use are authentic, safe and pure.

FZata, Inc. (“FZata”) is a startup biotech company launched in October 2015 and is currently located at BWTech @ UMBC incubator. FZata focuses on developing antibody-based therapeutic and preventive medicines. The core techniques of FZata include several unique, high throughput platforms, such as human protective antibody screening platform, multi-specific humanized therapeutic antibody generation platform and live vector delivery platform. These platforms can be used to develop multi-specific antibodies targeting many different diseases. Currently, our leading compounds, generated from these platforms, are the ones to fight against Clostridium difficile infection (CDI). 

Using advanced sensor-fusion software with body motion, GraceFall, Inc. is in the process of developing a portable fall prediction/protection device to help avoid falls and injuries. This wearable medical device will assist those groups at a higher risk of falling.  In addition to predicting falls, it will reduce injury by deploying airbags for protection if a fall occur

Lovoco uses speech technologies to advance connectivity between users and audiences. The first offered is an automated polulingual stenographer which can project what the presenter says in two different languages

LytPhage was founded to improve human health by finding and developing new therapies for resistant organisms.

Manta Biofuel is a biotechnology firm that has developed a method for producing renewable crude oil from algae. The oil produced is largely equivalent to petroleum and the fuels produced are renewable and carbon neutral.

Multisensor Diagnostics (MDx), LLC provides services, technology and health care expertise to participants, specifically in the needs of five primary market: patients, family caregivers, payers, care providers  and telehealth service providers. Their focus is on modernizing the health system with technology, analytics and artificial intelligence.

NanoDirect delivers printed and flexible electronics by enabling scalable manufacturing of highly refined nanoelectronic inks.

Noleuderm is an all-natural over-the-counter option for individuals seeking to restore lost skin color.

Recensa Therapeutics, Inc. created  new topical therapies that reduce oxidative stress in psoriasis while using the bodies own antioxidants to stop the inflammatory cycle.

WhyFit assists companies who have an interest in helping their employees live a healthier life by providing tools to  manage and implement wellness initiatives, track their efficiency and usability. Our system recommends custom content and resources to help employees learn and adapt a healthier lifestyle on any device.