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Legal HR Services Program

The law regulates the employer-employee relationship on many levels, from payment of wages to termination of workers. Saul Ewing Arnstein & Lehr’s Legal HR Services Program helps employers navigate the continually changing landscape of employment law by providing advice on compliance, risk management and HR strategy with price predictability and alternative fees.

Start-Up and Small Employers (1-50 employees)

When start-up and small companies begin hiring employees, they need direction on the legal requirements relating to personnel files, wages, work schedules, accommodations, paid and unpaid leaves of absence, and confidentiality/restrictive covenants. Our Legal HR Services Program helps fill this need with an initial consultation followed by the development of customized legally compliant forms, agreements and policies.

Legal HR Start-Up Package

Developing employment policies as a package not only saves time but also improves consistency in implementation. The Legal HR Services Program Start-Up Package includes any combination of the following agreements or forms developed for a flat fee (individual documents are also offered):

  • Employment applications
  • Offer letters
  • Employment agreements
  • Independent contractor agreements
  • Non-compete agreements
  • Non-disclosure agreements
  • Invention/work-for-hire agreements
  • Arbitration agreements
  • Posting and handbook/policy requirements
  • Non-compete agreements
  • Personnel file and I-9 checklists

Legal HR Policy Development

Growing companies need policies and procedures that guide employees and protect the organization. While a lengthy handbook is unnecessary and can sometimes backfire, certain policies are critical. Our attorneys work with employers to develop only what is necessary to help meet their needs and protect them from liability. A proper anti-harassment and discrimination policy, for example, helps create a litigation defense and can help limit potential damages. It is one of a few must-have policies

Medium and Large Employers (50+ employees)

Typically, large employers require significantly more structure and organization around their HR practices than start-up and small companies. Our Legal HR Services Program offers several types of risk assessments and training programs as well as ongoing counseling to help businesses stay in compliance with labor and employment laws, including:

  • Monthly retainer counseling – advice is provided at a predictable cost and structured to help meet the needs and size of the business.
  • Training sessions for executives, HR professionals and employees ­– training includes an interactive curriculum that is practical, understandable and guided by our attorneys’ hands-on experience. These session can be customized to fit an employer’s specific requirements.
  • Reduction-in-force strategy and implementation counseling – collaboration with employers to develop, structure and execute reductions in force. We strategize with our clients to determine future workplace needs, develop objective and business-related selection criteria, assist in the rating process, if relevant, analyze discriminatory impact, and help ensure a well-documented, legally compliant process.
  • Risk assessments
    • HR department – analyzing the structure of the HR Department itself by assessing HR/legal compliance through review of postings, policies, complaints, leave request procedures and pay practices. Also included is the development of an implementation plan that prioritizes the client’s needs, manages and reduces legal exposure, and builds a strong organization from within.
    • Wage and hour – reviewing company pay policies as well as the time and overtime structure for compliance with federal, state and local laws; and working with employers to understand their industry, operations, job functions, titles and responsibilities to ensure that each employee is paid in accordance with legal and industry standards.
    • Family Medical Leave Act/American With Disabilities Act (FMLA/ADA) – reviewing current leave practices and identifying issues that are used to develop a plan to assist with Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) and American With Disabilities Act (ADA) policy, process, form creation and distribution, leave calculation, accommodation planning, benefits issues, and reinstatement.

Once our attorneys have conducted these risk assessments and audited company practices, we provide training using the client’s own documents to instruct management on issue spotting and risk avoidance.



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