Insurance Coverage Related to the COVID-19 Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic is affecting the insurance and reinsurance industry in significant ways. Policyholders are challenging the application of physical damage requirements for business interruption coverage, civil authority provisions and even virus exclusions in various lines of insurance. There are state and federal legislative proposals that, if enacted, would require insurance policies to respond to business closures when they were not intended to do so. Coverage and class action litigation is being filed, and insurers increasingly need to anticipate pushback and potential regulatory scrutiny in connection with their claims-handling practices.

Saul Ewing has a team of lawyers who has helped insurers develop strategies to minimize, handle and cede such claims with an in-depth understanding of their insurance products in the midst of a dramatic explosion in business interruption and other COVID-19-related claims. Attorneys in our Insurance Group are advising property and casualty insurance companies, life and health insurers, and insurance intermediaries on a variety of matters related to the pandemic, including in the following areas:

Our Saul Ewing team advises clients across the U.S., with attorneys admitted to practice in 29 states, who also have appeared pro hac vice in other jurisdictions.