Client Service Feedback Program

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Part of The Saul Approach is personalizing our service to each client’s specific needs. To that end, we offer a complimentary Client Service Feedback Program. Our director of client relations conducts hour-long interviews, separately, with multiple people at client organizations. We inquire about the quality of our work, communication, and responsiveness, as well as our knowledge of the client’s business. We encourage an open and candid conversation, as the firm’s director of client relations has the authority to act upon client feedback. 

After the interview process, we share comments received with the client service team and follow up to help ensure service improvements are made. We also take other actions based upon our conversations, examples of which include developing a fixed-fee relationship to alleviate billing pressures, organizing an in-house CLE in advance of a new legal development, helping to place a client on a speaking panel at a national conference, or connecting a client to a service provider.

This program provides benefits beyond simple service enhancements. It affords clients a forum for reflection and an opportunity to consider how they utilize outside counsel in general. In addition, the firm receives a continually refined set of best practices, which we incorporate into attorney training and one-on-one coaching sessions. 

Below, our clients share their thoughts* on the advantages of this program:

  • “I think that it’s a smart idea to have [a client service professional] in your firm. It’s a lesson a lot of firms could learn from, so many thanks again for taking to time to talk to us. I wish more firms did this!” 
  • “This service satisfaction interview session is the first time any [outside] lawyers have interviewed us, which says a lot about the firm -- you are thinking about your clients.”
  • “I appreciate Saul’s commitment to its clients.” 

* Quotes made during in-person client feedback interviews. Prior results do not guarantee a similar outcome.